The Team at CALS

The Board:

Steve Lock – Chairman:


Jim Munton – Board Member:

staff photos - jim munton

Chris Smith – Board Member:

staff photos - chris



Kirsty Neale – Board Member:

staff photos kirsty

Adam Markillie – Board Member:

staff photos - adam1

Kathryn Burgess – Executive Director:

staff photos - kathryn



Glenda Terry – Development Manager:

staff phtot - glenda

Michael Moreton – Advice Services Manager:

staff photo - michael

Steve Jelley – Administration Manager:

staff photo - steve



Support Staff:

Jo Lotoczko – Finance Officer:


Kay Rippin – Service Development Coordinator:

staff photos - kay2



Specialist Court Advisers:

Heather Montgomery – Specialist Debt Adviser:

staff photo - heather16

Ritesh Patel – Housing Solicitor:

staff photo - ritesh

Mike Murray – Specialist Debt Adviser:

staff photo - mike




Andrew Hamilton – Specialist Debt and Welfare Benefits Adviser:

staff photo - andrew

Munaf Patel – Specialist Debt Adviser (Mental Health Project):

staff photo - munaf

Justine Brun – Specialist Debt Adviser:

staff photo - justine

Karen Brown – Specialist Debt Adviser:

staff photos - karen

Keith Venables –  Specialist Benefits Adviser:

staff photo - keith



Administration Team:

Daljit Singh – Administration Officer:

staff photos - daljit

Tassie Rahman – Administration Officer:

staff photos - tassie

Irene Harbis – Administration Officer:

staff photos - irene



Moneywise Plus Team:

Kelly Smith – Moneywise Plus Team Leader:

staff photo - kelly

Jim Coulston – Moneywise Plus Adviser:

staff photo - jim

Zarina Yovcheva – Moneywise Plus Administrator:

staff phtot - zarina



Tom Maude – Moneywise Plus Adviser:

staff photo - Tom

Housing Advice

Are you having problems paying your rent or mortgage?

Welfare Benefits

Have you recently been refused a benefit?

Form filling and Note Taking

Help with completing benefit forms and medical assessments for benefit reviews.

Debt Advice

Are you struggling with money worries?

Moneywise Plus

Money management support and advice for Leicester City tenants.