Form Filling and Note Taking Service

We are able to offer appointments to assist with filling in welfare benefits forms such as PIP; ESA50; JSA; Housing benefit and Council Tax Rebate. We can also help with other forms including on-line forms. Please contact us for further details or to book an appointment.

Note takers are available to accompany clients at medical assessments for Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. The note taker’s role is simply to take notes during the assessment so that you have a comprehensive record of what was said. Please contact us for further details of availability of our note takers as soon as you have been given a date for your medical assessment.

Housing Advice

Are you having problems paying your rent or mortgage?

Welfare Benefits

Have you recently been refused a benefit?

Form filling and Note Taking

Help with completing benefit forms and medical assessments for benefit reviews.

Debt Advice

Are you struggling with money worries?

Moneywise Plus

Money management support and advice for Leicester City tenants.